Price: : $16 per hour
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Value Of the Paradise Island is increasing because of the white sandy beaches and bluish waves around it.It is a Destination for the Surfers all around the World.The well known surf destinations in Sri Lanka are South beach coast and east beach coast.We offered quality training for individuals & groups with qualified surf guides.We offer accommodation as well with secured and comfortable facilities.We  bring you to the surf shops if there are any surf wear and equipment you will need to tackle of the finest waves of the Indian ocean.

01 Day Surf Tours around  Down south.{More than 10 Surf Points}

♦.Package include

  • Air conditioned van with board rack.
  • Surf Guide.
  • As your choice you can visit different surf points.
  • Free safe drinking water.
  • One Free Meal

♦.One hour {Guide}  -16$

♦.Board Rentals{Different sizes}-16$

♦.Prices can be change according to your choice which surf points you want to visit.

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