why you should visit Srilanka [Ceylon]

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, sandy beaches and incredible cuisine,amazing hospitality,high bio diversity are just among the many reasons to keep this wonderful pearl island  on your travel bucket list.
This tiny island nation, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, became a popular tourist destination for holidaylovers. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to immerse themselves in local culture; and who are loving to do  watersport and wildlife activities; and a heaven for history buffs.

Tropical climate allmost all year round

srilanka experiences two monsoon seasons, which affect different parts of the island at different months, as opposed to one monsoon at the same time throughout the country. This means that, at any given time, travellers can expect a sunny climate in the country. The southwest monsoon is between May and July, which means the north is rain-free, and the northeast monsoon is between October and January, which means the south part start partying.

Mouth watering food

Sri Lanka is blessed with a wondeful cuisine flavoured with exotic spices that never fails to delight.most famous food in sri lanka is rice and curry,white or red rice with vegetable,dhal curry and fish or southern part fresh fish is always available in any home for the meal.they use lots of different spices and leaves to make the food tasty and aromatic.all of those spices and leaves has nutritional value. Srilankan food is spicy.some locals they even dont or cant eat if there is something no spicy.sea food is very famous in sri lanka and they use lots of grains to make different dishes.

 Kothu is the most famous street fod in sri lanka.its is most matching with a ginger tea. Egg hoppers,string hoppers,roti with lunu miris are awesome as well.

Pro tip: For those who are visiting Galle visit Nature cabanas n floating restaurant for a wonderful seafood platter which the restaurant made on a boat.

It’s home for high bio diversity

Sri Lanka, Asia’s wildlife hotspot,sri anka has 26 national parks and  2 marine parks. Yala National Park, features the highest density of leopards in the world, 215 species of birds,crocodiles and other reptiles as well. Yala park boardering to the very beautiful beach and it make a home for 5 different species of turtles. as well as yala Udawalawa national park is a nest to herds of giant many different kinds of birds also eagles,and snake hawkes too.sinharaja rain forest and knuckles mountain range is heaven of high bio diversity.

Roomassala coral reef is only second to the australian big coral reef,around hikkaduwa,habaraduwa,unawatuna,pigeon island,marawila,there are very beautiful beaches and you must snorkle there to enjoy the thousands of different sea faunas and fish species.

 tip: visit blue whales in mirissa.

in the picture snail in sinharaja

Beaches looks like a postcard

sri lanka has most beautiful and pristine beaches in asia and in the world.unawatuna beach is very famous for parties and wide sandy beach witha to unawatuna under the roomassala herbal mountain there is the jungle beach.benthota beach is better for the water sports and mirissa beach also good for the parties and blue whale watching as well.Dewata beach is now getting famous for the surf has a very nice view of roomassala mountain.trincomalee and paskiuda beaches are very calm and beautiful.habaraduwa and koggala beach is more wider and not so touristic ,so you can have a nice sun bath and relax there without disturbance.


Habaraduwa beach in the pic.

Get close to the sea and land giants

Sri Lanka is  the only place you  can view both the world’s largest land mammal, the elephant, and the largest water mammal, the blue whale. Five species of whales, with  the blue whale and the minke whale, are regularly can see in the seas off Kalpitiya. Mirissa is the best place to visit blue whales in sri lanka. you can see spinning dolphins in kalpitiya as well.The best months for whale watching in Kalpitiya are between January and March.

in the pic giant tusker in yala national park

Pro tip: per person 6500 rupees to visit blue whales by boats with a snack on 2019/11/23.

awesome landscapes and hiking trails

Sri Lanka is a one of the best place for hikers and trailers.with the stunning view of tea plantations ,waerfalls, and misty mountains under the clouds makes a wonderful atmostphere. around the paddy fields with the colorful butterflies and birds and deers its really a breathtaking hike for anybody.

 The Demodara Rail Hike in Ella is a great option for the hikers. it takes you around the famous nine arch bridge. experienced hikers can try knuckles mountain range or kirigalpotha area.

In the pic nine arch bridge


one of the best surfing destination

In sri lanka arugambay is the most famous and the best pace to bull surf compitions are having once a year in arugambay.its a good place for begginers and experienced surfers as well.hikkaduwa beach is helding lots of surf compitions and parties as well.unawatuna,midigama,dewata,wellahengoda beaches are now famous for surfing.


Surfing in Dewata beach in the pic.


A buddhist country with the Buddhist heritage

srilanka is a buddhist country with minorities hindu and islam are living.buddhism made the country great and proud history.srilankan buddhist temples ruins and old temples are showing the proud architectural knowledge that they had. The most well-known example is the Temple of the Tooth,it is the most sacred place of has the tooth of load ancient time it was the most important thing for the kings to protect against invaders. the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, which features a Bo tree from the original Sri Maha Bodhi in India.Awukana buddha statue is keep wondering scientists in the world still how the architect created this amazing statue.

Ruwanweli maha seya is in the pic.

world largest elephant gathering

During the months of May to September, Approximately 400 elephants gather at the lake to feed, socialise  in the water.the place called Hndapanagala. It is the biggest gathering of these gentle mammals at one time in the whole world.the Minneriya National Park as wellyou can see lots of elephants and deers and other different kinds of animals and birds.

Pro tip: Take a tour through the entire park and then drop by the Minneriya Tank around sunset as that’s when the elephants come out to the lake.

The Cultural Triangle

Kndy,Anuradapura,,Polonnaruwa are the cities included to cultural triangle, which shoows the reat civilisation history Sigiriya, the cave temples of Dambulla and Mihintale – the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka – along with other less known important cultural monuments like Yapahuwa. For those who are interested in srilankan history and culture you must visit the cultural triangle.

sandakadapahana is in the picture.

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